Contador, Armstrong won’t be on same team in 2010

By Suzanne Halliburton | Saturday, July 25, 2009, 11:42 AM VAISON LA ROMAINE. France — It’s official. Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador won’t be on the same team next year, clearing the way for some nice, head-to-head competition. The news should startle anyone. But Contador, in his yellow-jersey press conference, just confirmed that the two won’t be on ...

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Doctor journeys to Ghana for triple negative breast cancer clues

(CNN) -- For Dr. Lisa Newman, a 16-hour trip over two days from Michigan to Ghana in Africa is just part of the journey in uncovering clues about a rare form of breast cancer. Newman, a surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer at the University of Michigan, collaborates with doctors in Kumasi, Ghana, in hopes of ...

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Working to create progress can be frustrating.Stick to it!

It seems frustrating sometimes to want to make a difference somewhere. In my case, the available treatments for cancer and the support of its victims is where I am focused. Not because I have suffered, at least not yet. Of course I hope not to suffer from cancer or any of my loved ones either. I ...

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Sunscreen and Eyewear

I came across an interesting article today.. I always make sure that I wear SPF while I'm riding as well as sunglasses. It seems the sunglasses can either not have the right protection or fit correctly. Please take a moment and read the article, below... Not All Sunglasses Are Created Equal Pick shades with UV protection, and wear ...

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Pandemic in Perspective is a MUST read

Please read this link below. I believe it will help with an understanding of today's flu virus that is captivating everyone, scaring everyone and quite frankly should. But, don't worry too much yet! Pandemics in perspective - USA In recent years, the biggest concern on the minds of epidemiologists has been avian flu, not swine flu - ...

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I love what I do

My Family, the riding for specific causes, my work in developing treatments for cancer and infectious disease is all so rewarding. Especially now!! The advancements we are making in cancer and ID for our drug candidate as a therapeutic and adjuvant are tremendous and hope that a large partner can assist us in making this ...

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Seems harder as I train more

Just saying hello to everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I have been doing intervals and did ride yesterday for approximately 65 miles. I feel great and the ride was great. Although, the wind was so strong that it was the biggest challenge. I am almost positive that pro-cyclists must despise the wind too. ...

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Thank you!

I want to briefly thank everyone for their support in raising funds for cancer research. Oddly, cancer research has become so much more prominent in my life and work over the past few months. I actually wonder if it is because of my push and commitment to raise funds for the cause as well. I ...

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Cancer Research and Immunology

I can only imagine how rewarding being a doctor like Dr. Bueker at Norton and the many others out there in oncology, immunology, hematology, trauma, neurology, etc can be.... I will only be able to imagine that, but I do know how rewarding it is to be in the research area of advanced medical treatment ...

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It’s Not Easy, But It Sure Is Rewarding…

Riding over a hundred miles a weekend, raising awareness and funds to support cancer research, creating venues for awareness and visibility when you are a novice like me is not easy. The time it takes and especially when you don't know what and where to go is crazy. I am sure there a short cuts ...

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